The light that the photographer uses at weddings.


It is, with no doubt, the main ingredient for the use of the wedding photographers. Since I discovered myself photographer, just playing in the beginning, I was fascinated by the form how the light shapes the objects. That called to my attention and forced me to press the shutter button of the photographic camera, in my hand. I was always attracted by the way how, in photos, those objects seems to sculptures. With the big difference, because the dimensions, feeling that in the photos in two dimensions, I had almost the same sensation of the sculptures with three dimensions. It was something that appeal to me all the time.

After being wedding photographer I tried, slowly, to find my way to three-dimensionalize the photos resulted from my cover. I concluded that it was always with the light that we photograph and it is with light how we, also, see the photos. Only the light could be my chisel and only with it, as my friend, I could achieve my goal. So, with time, I learned to observe the light and knowing how to see it better illuminating my subject, at the moment, when photographing. It has been a laborious, and never finished, work, amazed, sometimes, with the wonder of result and, others, by the lack of it. The light is, also, very capricious. 

But, it is true that besides the fascination of being able to show what is going on in the space, by the opportunity, by the composition and by the value we can have inside a photo, it is the light that is my best motif for the call and go with my gear to do photography. Of course, for the wedding photographer the persons, in there, always will be the first appeal as a story teller but, without it, the light, I will never be able to bring them very well dressed, with light. Well, also with dresses, shoes, coats, rings, some flowers and all the things that belongs to a wedding. Of course.

Applying false eyelashes on the bride.
Bride smiling as makeup powder is spread on her face.
Face of the bride after makeup and hairdo, like a sculpture.

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