The looking eyes of the photographer, in the wedding


Maybe it is a thing from all wedding photographers but, even if I do not show it many times, here in the blog, I have the attraction to photograph gestures, better, I like to find hands doing those things that they do fantastically: petting, holding, saluting, comforting and many, many others things. Sometimes I find myself photographing them, that usually, they become my own harvest and, maybe is a wrong idea, I do not think they have so photographic importance, for the wedding cover.

Well, once in a while I pick up some, because faces everywhere need some other things in the middle, like an interval. But, it is true that I can not direct my looking eye’s attention to those hands and just forget all the faces around me and with all those many things happening. In the end, I am a wedding photographer and I can not, ever, let myself go chasing my favorite subjects, with no interest for those who contract me. I am there to work and not for fun…well…

But, if I believe that hands are characters very active during the process of the wedding day, yes I, absolutely, do. They button the coat, spread the creams, pull the hair to comb, fine-tune the dress or the coat, take care of the rings and, a lot, caress since they get up until they lie down. I may say that we are, because of our hands. Without them… how they can not be a subject of the wedding photographer?

Hands of the wedding couple "dancing" in the table of the meal of the wedding party.

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