The looks that the photographer notices, during the wedding


After all these years, of photographing weddings, I still feel amazed with looking eyes that my eyes find and deliver to my diligent photographic cameras. I am sure, it is in the looking eyes where I can see, read, the ties that connect people, and a wedding day is just a big link between ties. Most of the time it is not in the catching moment where I notice that. It is, after, in the quietness of my office, when I edit the photos I carried, where my eyes stop in the eyes of the other, at the moment which I had the pleasure of stealing.

Mothers looking eyes have, always, something special.  Maybe, because it is the last time they have the pleasure to spoil her son, or daughter, or, simply, pose her eyes, with sweetness, in the work of others with her child. I must say, the eyes of the wedding photographer are, all the time, finding those and do not let go away without being photo.

Looking at mother’s eyes, with caring, looking at the caring of the father, her husband with the wedding a long time ago, having sure that the button stays in the right place in the shirt cuff. I have done this scene countless times but, as a wedding photographer, I do not want to lose, never, new opportunities to find these looks, again. Never.

Mother looking attentive to her son and his father, placing the cufflinks.

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