The memory of the moment in photography


When Tomás, Irish from Ireland, told me that his just born baby will be at the wedding day, never crossed my mind to find him surrounded by the groom friends in a place that it looked more like a bathing place from a football team. This show something that I already wrote about, even if all the weddings are almost the same we never know what we gonna find and we must be ready as photographers.

So, here they are, several big guys knowing nothing about laces, neck ties and shirt top buttons. That is why they need to help each other, because no one want to find himself out of the well dressed as the day oblige. However, during the all process, the little guy, lay down in the bed, never was attention absent from the big guys. From the father to all his friends they always did to make him part of the group. It is a disappointment that he will never remember his lovely all the time smile, because the all attention he received from everybody in the room. 

Yes he will. The wedding photographer undertake that mission.

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