With her hairdresser behind her, the bride in a mirror during her hairstyle for the ceremony, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Braga.

The metamorphoses that the photographer in Braga witnesses on a wedding day


With her hairdresser behind her, the bride in a mirror during her hairstyle for the ceremony, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Braga.

The tasks. The first few hours of a wedding day are spent in a bustle that the wedding photographer loves because he knows they are full of photographs which is what he was made for. They are the tasks that have the function of turning lovers into fiancés because, for him, the photographer that will be at the wedding, and who knows why, a fiancé or a bride only happens after being dressed rigorously and accordingly.

Before that, they are merely lovers with intentions of being engaged on the day they become husband and wife in a ceremony developed, over centuries, thoroughly for that function. That’s why it’s important, it’s very old and gives it the power to be a very strong glue to bind feelings and intentions of life together, and yet it hasn’t lost that rigor.

Don’t ask me why the wedding photographer thinks so because he doesn’t tell me, although I, perhaps, can get a faint glimpse of it: it’s where he is present and he can take the opportunity to prove with photographs that he is. Otherwise, if he’s not there, it doesn’t happen, what counts for him is only what he sees through the rectangular viewfinder of his cameras.

I didn’t ask him either, but maybe he thinks that the wedding, between the couple getting married in his presence, also ends at the moment of the wedding photos, shortly after the cake is cut, tasted and distributed and the single women jump as high as they can to grab the bride’s bouquet, late into the night, and one of them leaves happy because it’s her turn to be.

Maybe it doesn’t cross his mind that life goes on, even if he doesn’t walk around with cameras and lenses in his hand. Maybe I’m exaggerating with some humor but don’t tell him, when you meet him, that I think that because of that he still stops giving me photographs of weddings so I can write these articles.

Let’s get back to the subject of the article, which is, also, the wedding photographer’s first as soon as he starts his task for the day. Photographing the metamorphoses, that’s what it’s all about, of the members of the couple before the most important moment.

The first one is more physical, it takes hair pulling by diligent and knowledgeable hairdressers where he has found ways to photograph in the intervals of hand and arm movements faster than the fastest of the magicians in charge of fooling our eyes and making us think he is doing magic, it takes faces like a canvas of an artist who knows how to transform an ordinary girlfriend into a bride more beautiful than the most beautiful of butterflies, also metamorphosed.

It takes dresses, suits, shoes, and other artifacts that complete the process and, as soon as one considers ready, the wedding photographer has, in fact, a groom and a bride of very limited status in time because, further ahead, a priest or a representative of the state after a simple question, but very old, to which they answer and transform themselves, as in the fantastic films of Hollywood, into husband and wife.

For him, the wedding photographer, the process is complete, as he says, and he can vouch for the photographs he took of the wedding ceremony. He knows better.

The groom, reflected, out of focus, in a mirror, as he dresses for the ceremony, looks down as he fastens his belt, seen by the wedding photographer in Braga.

The groom in a mirror fastens the buttons of his suit jacket, almost ready to leave for the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer in Braga.

Detail with the hands of the hairdresser combing a lock of the bride's hair, as she prepares for the wedding ceremony, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Braga.

After the hairstyle is done and  the bride checks in a round mirror that she holds in her hands, seen by the wedding photographer in Braga.

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