The moment in the wedding photography


Those moments. Maybe the most used word when wedding photographers talk with each other in those compliments about the work of the colleagues that they, also, chase during the all working day in a wedding. The moment. That point in the space and time, unrepeatable, that happen with the combination of several elements which, if profit in the right time, may feel butterflies in the stomach of every photographer chasing that one photo as if he was a knight in demand of great conquests.

And they are everywhere. The wedding photographer may need some training to find in the chaotic all, which is the wedding day ambient, with a great number of people in constant movement and interaction in several spaces, all day long. It is needed to start to observe. It needs to break in parts the all, observing by sections and fast because they, the moments, think they are restless kids and they change immediately…to another moment.

To me, it was some sort of amusing when in general and in the all of the wedding group, everybody was occupied with those things with not so much photograph interest. Drinking, eating, or just talking with the next neighbor. But, as the experience taught me, I discovered those layers that, once noticed, have those happenings that are strong attractions to my cameras and lens. And, because the wedding photographer depends on them to make a living, it is better do not to disappoint them, it is not?…

Fotografia feita num casamento de uma mão a brincar com a sua filha pequenina.

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