The moment in wedding photography


What can be a photograph? Well, in first place it is always a representation from something that was, in fraction of time, a reality in the front of a photographic camera and lens in some place. To be a representation of something could be very important because transform the real thing in another kind of existence. So a photo it is, now, another thing different from the reality, that it represent but which give, in some situations, the only thing that give to the photographed object his permanence in time, but in another space that can be just a computer file or printed on paper. If we do a photo from a moving object, the exact moment when the photo was taken does not exist anymore but it will remain as representation, not a copy, but how it was captured by the photographer.

That is one of the most important things about photography that fascinate me, as wedding photographer, charged to pick up all the moving moments from the wedding day. And, with the wonder that those moments are, always, shown in a completely different point of view than the photographed experienced.

These photo show exactly that. The group of  bride maids do a selfie completely concentrate in what they are doing. I was far away and, with the proper lens, I catch this moment of the action. Even if they were taking a photo, what they were doing  was not for the wedding photographer, me. Like that, in the memory of each other only exist for the smartphone, which is the unifying object for that action. What I will give them it is a representation of one moment of the total action and catch from outside the group. 

For me, as wedding photographer, that side of my work, with the duty of give the final view, it is fascinating to me. First, from my side, find the best way to build that representation, the photo, and second the wonder of the subjects of the moment seeing themselves in a completely different way than it was remembered by them.  While I will be able to establish that connection I will continue being a wedding photographer.

De um casamento na Nazaré por Fernando Colaço

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