The moment of the photographer


Statement: I just love to photograph the couple on the wedding day. As I repeated here more than once, it was what propelled me to photograph weddings. It seems, even if I imagine that all the photographic wedding process until there was a  sacrifice, it is not, it was worth it just to dedicate myself to this part, that I love so much.

It is true, that when I go to what I call our walking trough, finally, I have the couple only for me for some while and use them, as if they were molding clay, to find compositions along that small way we are walking through. It is not an autocratic process, but just an agreement between the three of us that will develop along the way. The couple may feel, in some way, relieved from the constant attention they must offer, all day, to everybody and everything around them.

About the photos, it is always a great opportunity for me. Because, deciding, in that small amount of time and with the fastness I can, where is the best spot to the compositions I have in my mind and, almost at the same time, building a sort of a story, helping them to be in every photo better models to assure that last photos are, always, the better is a challenge repeatedly renewed. This, almost always, ends with the problem, when we are completely immersed in the process, that it is time to come back to the guests that are demanding the bride and groom’s presence. They are the bosses, not the wedding photographer.

Bride and groom in a photo session on the wedding day, at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride and groom, in the photo session, near a lamp at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride and groom posing for the photographer under orange light at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride, seated, doing a pose for the photographer, at Quinta das Riscas.
Pose of the groom in the photo session of the wedding, at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride and groom seated in a tree with hanging bottles, at Quinta das Riscas.

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