The moments of the bride


If you think that the bride and groom are always smiling on the wedding day, do not. It is an illusion. Hopping photos, from them, always with lips at U shape it is not doing very well our job and not paying attention or the wedding photographer is giving notes to smile all day which is, also, wrong. The wedding day, for them, is a flow of emotion and we just need to pay attention.

I think we, as photographers, can not interfere. Let their heart drive and deliver to me that edgy, that shaking hands closing the shirt or, my favorite, let them loose inside themselves for a glimpse as if they want, for a moment, to vanish from this world. I assure you that I see this a lot.

The problem, for the wedding photographer, is the swiftness of the fade away. There is no time for introspections because everything in the day is fast and forward but I am always looking for these moments because they are coming up from time to time. When I catch them it is a joy for this wedding photographer.

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