The mystery of being a photo, even from a wedding


What must a photo have to be appealing? Depend of what we want from it. It like music. It is not because it is complex like classical music, or simple like a folk ballad that we fell that inclination to some tune. Some times I see someone just thrilling looking to a photo and, when I pass my eyes, I do not see why.

But, I am sure, I am the one is wrong. I look to that photo with my wedding photographer eyes and there is nothing about, I analise it used with my aesthetic knowledge and it is not why it is valuable. I may have not any connection with what is inside it, no empathy, and, once more, that photo does not give me something.

Several times, when I choose the photos of the wedding, I see some that attract me more than others. I ask myself if it will be the same with my clients. If it is exactly the same with that photo where I do not see any empathy. However we have some sort of rules that, when using it, any photo can find is own life to achieve the attention of any observer. To those, are the purpose of my work as wedding photographer and I am always chasing them.

Couple, in the photo session, going down stairs at Alandroal castle.

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