The mystery of liking wedding photography


What value a photo? Or, why, even today, photography captive so much people? Yes, I could speculate with some profound explanations, we may like to be locked in time, we are vain and we feel happy looking to us or we need to be sure that we have been there or did it, etc.

I have an almost, well…compulsion to photograph the others but, at the same time, I have a terrible fear of a photographic camera in my direction as if the lens was a rifle from the time of far-west. Really. The first thing that cross my mind is to find some stairways under my feet and desapear the fastest I can. Maybe, that is why I know the importance, and the care, when I steal from the others that moments.

But, regarding to that mystery why we like so much photos, me stealing them and other people being stolen by me, it is what I do, I did not found a conclusion. I only find a word. Fascination. From both. Observing around and locking a situation that perfectly fulfill the rectangle of the viewfinder, of my camera, in black and whit stains with some colors inside that, after, can be seen at all time ahead, it is just a fascination to me. From the others, I can not talk about, those the wedding photographer…photograph. But if you are interested, you can ask them because the text can not take more information, but, they let me do it…and I thank them very much.

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