The other cathedrals in photography in a wedding


The wedding photographers are all the time being challenged to find what is the importance of what is important in the wedding day. To tell my stories, from the weddings, I always inspired myself in the movies and, maybe, in the comics. Even if I consider myself a photographer with a strong move to the portrait and, with that, a tendency to the close-up as if it was in a movie, I know that a story must have the big wide to show where it was.

Here, as in another kind of photography, it is in place we do what we do. If I have a cathedral is the cathedral I take with me. Same thing about what is inside it. I only take with me, in the form of photos, the people that were there, not only as props but subjects with some kind of fire that make them able to be as photos.

The same thing with the couple, a small dot in the splendor of the space they chose to be to the yes, at the proper moment. But when the wedding photographer chooses them, growing inside their lens, transforming them in cathedrals full of inner fire, nourished by the love that led them there, under the testimony of others who are with them. It is why it is easy, it does not take any hard work. The wedding photographer only needs to be there and take advantage. You can not imagine how good it feels…

Some photos from a wedding ceremony at the Mafra Basilica.

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