The other cerimonies for photos in the wedding


What is important to capture in the fast civil wedding ceremony? To the wedding photographer, there is a great difference between a wedding ceremony in church or in a venue, with the state representative. In the church, the photographer have time to experiment different solutions that he feel more appropriate to tell the story or with the aesthetic choices.

With the civil ceremony it is a different case. With the fastness of the ceremony the photographer must be more selective in the choices and never leaving the essencial out of the cover. If it is worth? No. I only need to have another criteria. The first step is to evaluate. What I can find in the space that can help me and, with the fastness I need, to know how to take advantage. After that, again, with a lightening speed, photograph everything in the brain, without camera, observe in a fraction of a second everything and everybody in place. Who is most important and where they are, how they are grouped and from where must be the better point of view, the place where the wedding photographer take the photo. After that photographing without photographing it is easy, it is just start to…photograph.

I never stoped being wedding photographer in any of those places. Each one stimulate me differently. I remember when I started, some years ago, and I recognize that it was very different. Today is just a question of methods. The pleasure is the same…

A group of photos from a wedding at Quinta das Riscas in Faias, Montijo.

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