The other photographers around the wedding


If this was the beginning of a tale, it may start like this: once upon a time when someone need to remember the best of his wedding day revisited the photos of the wedding photographer, contracted for that. In the wedding, the photographer had the responsibility to assure the memory of all those important moments.

Time, because never stop to be time will bring with it new ways to look and register, even in weddings. Now, it is not only the wedding photographer with the ability to register and deliver, for the time to come, when the need to complete the memory with the things that where outside the eyes of the couple or because the memory did not had time to keep. The new ones are different. Instead just register, they provoque for photos. They are photographers of another strain, wishful to be in the portrait with those that they want to take with them inside the new cameras, phones, smart…things.

And we can find the others that to not like photos in no way, when they feel a lens directed to them. Even if I try to respect them, sometimes I can not restrain myself and… also, about my new colleagues, I could stay like a jealous guy feeling that I was robbed of my job.  But it is not true. It is just one more reason for one those things I love the most, as wedding photographer, chase moments. As you can see, they are a lot.

Some photos from a wedding at Penha Longa Resort in Serra de Sintra.

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