Girl, on the bride's lap, makes soap bubbles the wedding party in Wakiki in Praia da Sereia, by the wedding photographer.

The other photos from the wedding day


Girl, on the bride's lap, makes soap bubbles the wedding party in Wakiki in Praia da Sereia, by the wedding photographer.

Most of the time I do not post here photos that do not belong to the bride and groom. I respect the privacy of the guests but they did a job making a great scenario for my photos and because it is my duty to photograph everything that happens at the wedding, so I also photograph the guests. So, today, I chose a group of photos about other photos from the wedding.

Any photographer and the wedding photographer is no exception, is some kind of snoop in character, knowing that curiosity soon or later will bring something nice in a form of a photo. The wedding photographer’s subject is people in action, people reacting joyfully to good news, people moved by the old friend’s presence, people ecstatically with the bride’s ring, people in a tender gesture, people whispering a secret, people congratulating the bride and groom, and so on…so on…That is why a nosy wedding photographer can deliver to the clients a very complete vision of their wedding. 

This set of photos is just an example, nothing more, of what a wedding photographer can collect during the day. Simple photos but that can reveal, really, what a wedding is about.

Bride chats with friends at the wedding party between two lit candles.
The bride shows photographs to her daughter.
Bride laughs in conversation with the groom and friends at the door of the wedding party restaurant.
She is a girl taking a picture of a boy at the Pousada Castelo Palmela where the wedding took place.
Two brothers sitting during their wedding at Pousada Castelo Palmela.
Father talks with his two sons during the wedding reception.
Father, with his son, read a magazine.
The groom shows his ring to a guest.
Wedding guest, sitting with glass in hand, looks up in conversation with the bride.
Girl, still a baby, on the floor.
A wedding guest takes a photograph.
A she wedding guest shows a photo on her cell phone to two friends.
A woman guest shows surprise during the wedding reception.
Sister of the bride with an emotional face, next to the groom.
Lady chats with girl among wedding guests.
Bride looking very happy among unfocused guests after the wedding ceremony.
Bride in conversation with friends.
Mr and Mrs talk together after the wedding ceremony at Quinta do Vale.
Groups of friends take a selfie at the wedding party at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride and groom over blue colors, talk to guests.
Two wedding guests laughing a lot while looking at a cell phone with a photo.
Bride strokes her father's hair at the wedding meal table.
Little girl sitting at the table at a wedding.
The bride exchanges impressions with guests after the wedding meal at Quinta dos Alfinetes.
Engaged with friends celebrate their wedding at Convento do Espinheiro in Évora.
Engaged with a friend who reacts very satisfied.
The bride and groom in front of the guests watching a movie about them at Convento do Espinheiro.
Groom with glass in hand, chatting with his mother at the counter at Pousada Castelo Palmela.

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