The photo of the bride in the car to the ceremony


After some years photographing weddings, sometimes I ask myself , specially at the end of the season, if I still have the motivation to come back and repeat all that pictures that are very alike, from wedding to wedding. It is a doubt that can be answered in many ways but, to me, I find one that have something to do with this photo.

Since I started to photograph weddings I always did this moment. The bride get in the car to the ceremony. After all this years it could be boring take position near the car to capture just one more moment of the day. Even could not do it and go strait to the ceremony place and wait there for the bride, because it may not be important in the all.

But..I always do it. If there are moments that make me vibrate to do it in that small amount of time, most of the times in anti-photo conditions, anticipating the movement of the bride, reacting fast as the bride put the dress inside the car, feeling the heart beating from someone that goes for moments with great emotions…this is the one. When I have some doubts I just need to remember how I feel, in that slice of action of a day, and the doubt just go away and the wedding photographer is ready to the next wedding to come.

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