The photographer after the wedding party


There is one thing I like very much about those, so-called, small weddings. Even if photographically the weddings have no size, only some can produce more subjects their others. I am talking about those that end early, because more familiar, because in cozy venues and the guests stay less time in there. I like to stay until it ends and join, yet, some more photos to the collection.

The cake was cut, the toast was made and suddenly the room was empty. The wedding photographer could, also, pick up his bag with cameras and lens inside, and go to a deserved rest. But losing the opportunity of some more photos in that lovely place was no chance. So, he challenged António and Filipa, at the end of the party surroundings, and say goodbye to what so good happened there before.

Empty room, silence, almost no need of direction from the wedding photographer, because I wanted the feeling of that finally alone with happy, but need some rest, faces. So we stay some more time, I do not know how much, just with the track, track, track of my cameras beating a slow but precise rhythm. Photographing a wedding, with a dedicated wedding photographer, never have a predicted end. Sometimes it is over after already over.

End of the day of the wedding at Hotel Palácio Estoril at Estoril, Portugal.

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