The photographer after the yes, rice and flowers at the wedding


There is a moment where, the wedding photographer feel, that the state of the spirit of the wedding couple change,  when seated in the front of the altar of a Church, with the priest as the only person in their visual space. Behind them, we have, always, lots of people following the ceremony and do not lose a pinch. But, I notice that several times, it seems that the couple, in some sort of way, feels alone, as if abandoned by all and given to a vicar more or less inspired.

The wedding photographer feels, and some of his photos can confirm that, that after the moment the yes was said, on the fingers a new weight is felt the looking eyes to eyes followed by the turn of their heads, to verify that they are not alone, a breathing relief happens with sincere smiling eyes and here it is. It is done, we are married.

Next, it is the celebration from everybody with the traditional rice rain and fluttering flowers, inside that tunnel of love and joy followed by, a lot, of kisses and hugs that the wedding photographer follows without losing a single one. It was just the last part of a part of the day with more to come, that changed the bond between two persons who chose it for the wedding. It is true because I was there, I saw and photographed.

Hands of the groom with the ring and boutonniere.
Wedding couple outside the church under grains of rice.

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