The photographer always looking for, in the wedding in Palacio Estoril Golf & Wellness Hotel


I do not want to play with the subject, because it is very serious with the people who suffer from it, but I think that wedding photographers suffer from a visual effect called a visual tunnel. They are always seeing things that, without, were unnoticed to someone that does not suffer from photographite (only exist in photographers with some experience).

Or else, their eyes, of the photographers in charge to photograph weddings, have the habit of wanting to imitate those lenses that can photograph a group of things and, suddenly, they change the focal to catch that detail inside and bring it as light, inside the photographic camera. The great advantage of the eyes, over that lens, is because they can do that without changing focal, they just give an order to the hands to find and bring the camera in the front of them and use the lens able to do the right job.

Because of that, the wedding photographers bring with them a bunch of light in the form of photos, from subjects never photographed without that ability, of the eyes, that can make them detect those special moments as if they were pieces of a puzzle which would be complete as a giant photo, with all the moments that, in that day, took place. And it is a good thing that it is like that. But I think that is a more personalized touch.

Couple talking about a smartphone in a meal wedding table in Palácio Estoril Hotel.
A male guest talking and laughing with a boy at the meal table in a wedding.
Little girl making a cuddle to her father during a wedding party.

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