Inside the car, the groom smiles happily at his bride, next to him, seen by the Algarve wedding photographer.

The photographer among them on a wedding day


Inside the car, the groom smiles happily at his bride, next to him, seen by the Algarve wedding photographer.

    The distribution. In groups and in industrial quantities. They are there, on the wedding day, as we hardly find them elsewhere in such quantity, quality, and sincerity. To the wedding photographer, they escape so easily and even if I transform myself into several clones it was impossible to catch them all. They are in front of me, on my left and my right and, I know it, they are crossing around in my back where there are no photographic cameras. It is annoying to find myself in such a powerful crop and can not harvest them all, like those, for a sweet tooth, cakes in the pastry shop full of all delicacies, that the gluttonous always know where they are. I do not know if it is because I like to photograph weddings, I also have sweet teeth, but that lens of mine, which is a bit brazen, is always telling me hey man with this I never get tired of working and getting wedding photos all the time.

    I have, from my experience, a lot of walking around the streets where it is rare to see one, in the crowded trains where if I could find one, my day was so much better, on the beaches I can find some more but, of course, that is a pleasant place. If my life depended on finding them and the number of them in that places, or I needed to change my working life and find another photographer something else, even, start to have another life knowing that the sadness would be too much, far from my beloved photographic cameras and they’re annoying at least one of them, creative lenses. That is very true, I can not imagine myself far away from them, especially on a wedding day. Like the cakes, they have something that transforms every wedding photographer into an addict and he can not escape them, no more. At least, with me is like that but, unlike the cakes, I will never be concerned about the quantity and I am always ready to catch some more.

      It is they who impel me to run from one side to another, very quickly decide if they are best viewed from above or if I need to almost lie down on the floor to catch them properly, If I need to take my lens out of the camera who thinks it can do everything alone and replace it with another one that gives the possibility to photograph them from afar and not scared them and, after everyone having satiated, the wedding photographer needs some time to rest and regain the energy, such was the intensity how they manifested in such a short time. Although I know that they will continue until the moment to keep my cameras and lens in the resting bag, to the great annoyance of the one that is never satisfied, and go home with that sensation we have, the gluttonous, when there was plenty of wedding photos, but not enough to get sick. You still have not guessed who the rogues are, present throughout so many words, sentences, and stops, some of them, paragraphs? The smiles, of course, what else could be?

The bride, smiling, chatting with a wedding guest, amidst others congratulating her, is seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The groom, smiling, receives a handshake from a friend, a guest of his wedding as he leaves the ceremony.

In the middle of wedding guests, a guest hugs strongly the bride at the end of the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The bride's bouquet is in her hands, in a photo by the Algarve wedding photographer.

The wedding photographer about the smiles that he finds everywhere on the wedding day originating many wedding photos.

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