Groom and godparents next to the priest who, seated, signs the official wedding documents, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Alentejo.

The photographer and a broken line at a wedding


Groom and godparents next to the priest who, seated, signs the official wedding documents, in a composition by the wedding photographer in Alentejo.

  I do not know who shakes more at the moment of the rings in a wedding ceremony.

If the groom and the bride or the wedding photographer. It is not the first time that I have written about the main ceremony of the wedding day.

If we think about a broken line, composed of two straight lines, what might the angle be, this moment is the meeting of the two. If we give them a direction, we have everything that was done until that point, every meticulous preparation with combs, hairsprays, hair curlers, shaving creams, tiaras, flowers, shoes, suits, dresses, and mirrors, the magic touch with fingertips on the fringe of the hair, the costly adjustment of the tie with his length, the dress that does not want to enter into the car, the veil that wants to go away in love with the wind, fake kisses, to not spoil the makeup, from uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends arrived at the last minute, the…

     The vertex that connects the lines and makes them change direction, could not be other than that moment when the rings, already inpatients of waiting, settle down on a finger that from now on a claim to the four winds you can see it, they are already married and they will live happily forever.

From now on, the line that started at that moment is wanted infinite and full of grace, it is the wish of everybody in the range of the wedding photographer, proved with valid proof everywhere, how are the photographs.

The nervously ended, the shaking of the anxious fingers, also those of the wedding photographer with the fear of failing the right moment for such ephemerality, and everybody under the shining sun, that blessed what happened under the protection of its rays, will reinforce those desires while the bride and the groom, that are no more, are passing between arms that embrace, lean against lips that kiss and listen to voices that wishes them to be forever.

     But because forever is too far away and the wedding photographer will be not there, let’s limit the eternity to the following hours on the top of the second line, which starts with the rings, blessed by a priest authorized by the highest authority and fulfilled their destiny authenticated by everybody, and let’s go to another spot with more mundane tasks but not of minor importance.

The wedding photographer knows that lots of photographs are in the place and he will do everything to not let them go away to another place and never to be seen again.

That must not happen, not before everything is registered so that everybody knows that the chronicler knew how to leave for testimony, after the dot of the second broken line, which all of us wanted very long and never losing the direction for which it was destined.

That is his wish, always.

Groom's and bride's hands as the groom hands the ring to the bride's, captured by the wedding photographer.

In front of the priest, the bride and groom look and smile at each other after the wedding ceremony.

A wedding guest at the ceremony, young and bored next to a girl handing a bunch of flowers to a young boy, seen by the wedding photographer in Alentejo.

The groom and bride leave at the church door, after the ceremony, among white and green balloons and greeted by the guests.

The church, where the wedding ceremony took place, with all those present, next to the main door, greeting the bride and groom.

The groom hugs a congratulatory wedding guest, as seen by the wedding photographer.

The bride smiles with happiness among guests who congratulate him on leaving the wedding ceremony.

With a happy smile, the bride gets into the car, with the help of the groom, that will take her to the wedding reception.

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