The photographer and black and white photography, at the wedding in the Adega Regional de Colares


Here, you can find an explanation for the reason why most of my photos are in black and white. But I can not, ever, in any text I write about it, exhaust my reasons to do it. Because I like it, to generalist. Because it makes me feel good, too selfish. Because it is better than the color, too personalistic. Because…

It is true, it was my beginning with photography. The taste, obviously, stayed. I still remember my fights against the chemical liquids, against temperatures, against paper washing and, before that, exposing the paper sheets under the red light and the discussions about the best film, oh, this paper is fantastic or try that revelation liquid, it is the best, for me, of course. At these discussions with our partners in madness, we tend to be very imposing, as if only we knew the secret. Those things tend to inebriate and became mad.

Because of that, when I became a wedding photographer, it was obvious that the black and white, in photography, must follow the result of my work collected there, in the wedding,  in the middle of brides and grooms, their parents and priests, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends, grannies and nieces and, sometimes, dogs and cats or one parakeet or canary and, me, among of them all, stealing the best gestures and hugs and all those things that people do in a wedding day. If I think that they look all better in black and white? Yes,I do.

Bride verifying in a mirror if the dress is ready for the wedding ceremony.
Bride, with the hands in the back of the neck, attaching the collar.
Bride seated seen in a crack of a door.
Bride and groom laughing in the front of each other, under big wall clocks.

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