The photographer and color decisions in a wedding photography


I already, once in a while, wrote about my option for the black and white. The wedding photographers have, each one, an aesthetic option relative to the color, beyond the approach and composition differences, which is what draws the most attention, the calmest form, or the thrown in his style of taking views.

To someone that, very early, felt that attraction to photography, first just like a viewer and only after as a humble maker, my eyes always been more attracted to the black and white, except for a few, rare, exceptions. However, I can find a kind of color that matches perfectly with my eyes. I call it, the black and white of the color. Those with that dominant color impose themselves and do not let the observing eyes distract with others more secondaries, staying the main attraction, as the wedding photographer decided in the moment of the catch.

The photo in the middle, although in color, does not look out of place from the others, full of middle tones as clouds of light directing us to the bride in the makeup process. All solutions drive our eyes not taking them away from the solution of the composition, chosen by the wedding photographer. It is true that I do not accept all the color solutions in front of me but I give them the same importance when they respect what I consider to be the fundamental harmony of the image.

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