The photographer and his black and white photography for a wedding


I am, specially, a black and white photographer. It was with the black and white photography that I was born for it. It was, when looking to black and white photos that I learn to love them and, after, with the learn of doing them. Many reasons push me to the black and white photography, or better, to the greyscale photography.

There, I see in a landscape in a tempest or sun shining day, in the face of someone that had the kindness to let me steal it or in a texture that only photographer can see, all the dimensionality that do the difference between the black and the white with all the grays in the middle that enchants me. Maybe, regardless of the content, that ability to look all the different planes inside a black and white photo push me, more and more, to use it and deliver it to my clients.

However, as someone that chases chimeras I never give up to try what I call, the black and white of the color. Trying to find in the color those elements of the greyscale it is something that I did not stop trying. They are not everywhere, but they exist and when I see them, I do do loose them. That is the obligation of the wedding photographer.

Black and white photography from a bride with a hat near the groom.
Color photography from the bride and the groom looking each other, under a very cloudy orange sky.

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