Bride's hands as she puts the ring on the groom's finger, viewed by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

The photographer and his flowers, at the wedding


Bride's hands as she puts the ring on the groom's finger, viewed by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

There is a part of it I do not know.

But, on that day, I may say that the wedding photographer is the most privileged person there. I know all the steps that each member of the wedding couple walks that day. I accompany them while they get gorgeous, I accompany them, more the bride, while they walk to the ceremony, while they go on to the party place and, there, while they go with me for that walk at the end of the day, already scheduled, and while they dance for the first time as husband and wife, and, even, in the cut and distribution of the cake, symbol of love, thanks and wishes for all the happiness in the world, forever.

That is why the path of the wedding photographer is the way. That way, walked beside those that, for real, were doing it. His obligation is to go, all the time, in parallel and record for future enjoyment, as that sensation we have, when watching a movie, that we are accompanying the main characters in a walk, knowing in advance that, besides them, there is a camera that allows us to watch, but we never see it. The wedding photographer is that camera.

Therefore, in any of the curves, straights, viewpoints, and streets of the walking day, the wedding photographer will be, all the time, attentive, to ensure that the truth, of all those moments, does not get lost in time or a perspective that would never be his own and his cameras and lenses.

Has a bee that can change, constantly, point of view to find the best flowers, he always finds those that will bring the truth for a nice taste in the eyes, of those that will see them, in photos. Like her, the bee is a bearer of the same diligence that makes him find the best pollen of the best flower for the best honeycomb.

Well, at least, he tries it and we all know who are the flowers.

The groom talks to the priest at the church for the wedding.
The wedding rings on a silver plate, in the hands of the groom.
The bride and groom and the priest at the moment of putting the ring on the bride's finger.
Bride and groom at the altar seen from the back with the priest.

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