The photographer and his theory of light, even for weddings


   My theory of light for wedding photographers and others. It may not have a scientific basis but I guarantee that it is like that:

     “ Let’s go take advantage of the light because it is perfect. Not now, because the light is no good. Let’s go home because the light is over. What a wonderful light, let’s do it until it goes away. Over there the light was better. Anyway, everybody that usually stands near photographers knows these statements when they’re talking about light. Whether it is a landscape photographer, advertising, fashion, or sports, light is the main ingredient, being the best friend of the worst nightmare.

    However, light can be things completely different according to the use made of it and what we need to do. It may assure the bread on the table, in the fields, from the sunrise until the sunset as do those who make life from the work seeding the ground. It may decide the color that the painter uses to wet the brush for, on the canvas, perform a different kind of seeding as his companion did in the field full of light. The animal can decide if it is time to go for his life because he, also, learned to use the light and the lack of it. If the eagle and the leopard love it brightening, the owl and the hyena want it elsewhere.

    On the other hand, we have the light of the scientists. Those whom we turn to, when we do not understand anything about the subjects, in our heated discussions, we leave our opponents in the discussion without words, even if what they exactly proved was something beyond our understanding, because those people have the habit to use a language that the rest of the humanity does not understand quite well unless we learned how to translate it or be a regular on the specialty television channels. So, that gentleman, and ladies, say that the light is electromagnetic waves and rays propagate in a straight line, which is very weird to me because every time I go to the beach I only see waves in curves. In a straight line, I never saw any and I think that the light waves must not be so different. That is why scientists have always seemed to me to be people with heads that came from a very different world.

   Well, and it is not because I belong to the same group, I think the photographers are the only ones that are right, that in addition to need it for their harvest because they are all the time commenting about how the light is in their own works and in the works of the others: How well did you take advantage of the light, how lucky you had with the light, I was waiting for that perfect light, etc, etc, etc….That is why I think only they understand the subject.

   I warn you, for now on, that their ideas about the light may seem too odd for those that do not wander in this universe of people with photographic cameras and lenses on their shoulders and neck. And he is capable of anything because of it. Getting up at the dawn to be in a certain place, that precious place, because only at that moment the light is perfect and, once in place, he comes back because the light, today, was not to please him. They are capable to build the most strange structures, as if they are experimentalist architects or those birds that built strange nests, to direct the light as they need for what they have in their head, and you can not imagine the number of other things they are able to do, because of the light.

   So, because I am one of them, I have any doubts to affirm that exist three kinds of lights: low lights, medium lights, and high lights. Translating; the dark and light, the night and day, and something in the middle. The high lights are that uncomfortable part of the happy new user of the photographic camera that becomes ver disappointed when a part of the picture, where he put so much care into it, is literally…burned, only white. Unfortunately, for him, the camera has an eye that does not encompass all the light like ours and that brings a lot of problems to the expert photographer, to be forced to do such gimmicks to domesticate it. Imagine those that are at the beginning of the madness.

    This is where I think scientists do not understand anything about the subject because even if I do not stop to think about it, it is clear to my mind that light does not come in waves and, by no means, in a straight line, what the hell of an idea, but in layers. Looking for what the photographers say about light, for me, I have studied the problem for many years while my pictures amazed me about it, not because of what I did but about what the lights were doing, and after the analysis of those ones almost with no light, deep black but with some round movement over highs and lows, deeps and peaks, rounded curves and sharp angles, straight and curve lines in the right third, to respect the rule, was, for the delight of my eyes, iridescent muse in a poet poem. After observing this more times than the universe has infinity, I must conclude that the light, for the photographers, falls in very thin layers like that pastry dough in Tentúgal, which is so thin that takes so many to make the cake that makes us run miles to taste it.  First, the black lights, them a little more light to build my beloved shadows, like that one we find just before the sunrise or after the sunset, finally, those more bright, making us close our eyes if we suddenly look at them, until all of them are on the top of each other and complete the picture that so much pleasure gives to those who loves this thing and, sometimes, to those who see them. If it is not like that, in the laboratories of the scientists, it is not my problem. I assure you that it is. It is a very fast process, only the photographic cameras are able to catch it, and we can not even notice it. But it certainly cannot be otherwise, because…

     That is the only explanation for what, amazingly, comes out of the cameras of the photographers whatever they work. That is how they achieve these wonders that delight, with what has been sprawled in the deep darkness inside their cameras. Photographers know that they always have to deal with a reality that is the strongest allegory in the world, giving shape and life: light.

Girl, sitting, getting her hair done for her wedding day.
Bride, in the mirror, with a towel in her hair, getting ready for the wedding.
Bride fixes her mother's hair as she sits getting ready for the wedding.
Guest sitting, while waiting for the bride to be ready for the wedding and girl next to her shoes.

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