Face of the bride smiling, at the hairdresser, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

The photographer and his tools, to photograph the wedding


Face of the bride smiling, at the hairdresser, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

One of the first things to learn, from someone that wants to be a photographer, is the notion of the point of view. It is my main tool to achieve that result of what I accept to be a good photo or, just a photo. In wedding photography, it is a decisive factor.

When, in that bustle that surrounds the bride getting ready, at the hairdresser and makeup, or when dressing the dress and the final details that will transform her into a real bride, the choice of the wedding photographer of the place where will have to be placed to capture the action, in the front of him, with all the implications this has, it is his first and main decision.

From that place, he will decide what part of the action he will photograph. After that, he must decide what angle will be the best. From high, low, or in the front. That can determine the energy, inside that photo to be. Next, he needs to decide what part of the scene will better tell the story, in total or partial in that framework. When that is achieved, the composition will do the photo and, really, tell the tale and how the elements inside interact harmoniously to equilibrium and with the right narrative.

Finally, the moment. Maybe the most important choice that the wedding photographer must have is what decides to make the photo, the decisive moment of the click. Yes, it is like that. Every photo prepared to be needs this process to make it happen.

Now, multiply that by all those photos that must be taken all day, by the wedding photographer.

Mother of the bride being make upped.
Bride being hair dressed and reading a message in the smartphone.
Bride viewed trough a round mirror when was hair dressed.

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