The Photographer and photo before it happens, at a wedding


There are some things that, even today, I do not understand. In spite of all the years, I am a wedding photographer I still do not understand why some photos contain that energy necessary to be attraction for the eyes, superior to others. Of course, it can be explained after being taken, because it contains those fundamental elements necessary to achieve that, in more detailed observation.

But, at that moment when the wedding photographer decides to press the shutter button of his camera, most of the time in those situations when he needs to do it fast because of the great amount of stimulation, an inexplicable everything right just happens. The moment, the posture, the look, the smile, the background, the frame, and the colors, that not always look to the photographers as friends. When everything like this happens, we must celebrate, like a photo.

I do not like to make opinions about my work in terms of value. I think that belongs to the viewer. Of course, I will take my conclusions, especially if the result was no good, but when I have that all in a moment and achieve it, I know that it was not by chance. I saw that photo just a glimpse before it happens. I think it is one of my best qualities as a photographer and, at a wedding, this is crucial.

Close up of the bride, after the wedding ceremony, talking with guests.
Photo from a wedding at Montes Claros Restaurante in Lisbon.

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