Amidst the guests during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom, together, in part of the liturgy, as seen by the wedding photographer.

The photographer and signatures at the wedding


Amidst the guests during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom, together, in part of the liturgy, as seen by the wedding photographer.

 And it is written. That special moment, the one that ends the wedding ceremony inside the church, where the couple was about an hour under the eyes of the lenses of wedding photographer, is what institutionalizes the yes I do speak before, with a heart full and a sincere smile, under the auspices of the priest, authorized by a superior authority, and it is that moment that will guarantee the true bonds that started with that yes, I do. In my wandering throughout the ceremony in the collection of photos that do not stop screaming and looking at me all the time, I can not let notice the importance of the tension of the moment, for the almost newlyweds that have done everything to be at that moment as for the wedding photographer who knows how important it does not let escape any of them.

     But, at the same time, the wedding photographer observes and catches it, the emotion that jumps over the yes, and from the pen tip, when comes the moment to sigh in the real signature that yes, I do as a written name by hand and, only there, the society, the state, and the institution give them the right to be, yes, married. If yes, I do, the rings and the benedictions assure them, in the liturgy, the spiritual connection, the bond that matters, the signature over a paper document, in the archives, will show to history that it was true and will be not lost over the ether of time, what was wished and by the priest sanctified. As you can understand, the first oath does not need a second confirmation, but the archives for the history of the signed bonds, by free will, will perpetuate that moment, also with the proofs as photographs that I always bring with me, for the world that need always that guarantees.

    As time went by, I learned that the moment to stamp for the world over official documents, is also very emotional, as so many times the wedding photographer can show it, and only there is the wedding ceremony complete. From now on, we enter into a new way of celebration, more Dionysian, more given to worldliness, with kisses, hugs, and sunny joy, because the tension of the ceremony is over, with all the colors in place wanting a feast day. The second part of the pilgrimage will come elsewhere, where other rituals will rise at their right moments for the wedding photographer to give himself to his own party, which is to take for the future all the photographs that, also, in his own file, will show to those that will come, how those signatures had all the sincerity, as it must be. I will never let go of my attention for that moment because I know that, also, it is an essential subject for the wedding photographer and so that is understood that, in addition to the, yes, I do, those signatures mean, to all that was not there to testify, that it was so.

The bride smiling, beside the groom, removes the rings from the arrangement, which brought them there, to place them on the fingers and finalize the wedding ceremony.

The groom, with the ring in his hand and holding the bride's in the other, in front of him, in the ritual of handing over the ring, seen by the wedding photographer.

Laughing with satisfaction, the bride hands the ring to the groom, in front of her, at the wedding ceremony.

View of the church with all those present at the final rituals of the wedding ceremony.

In the wedding ceremony, the bride rests her head on the groom's shoulder with a face of happiness, satisfaction and emotion, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal..

The groom, beside the bride, signs the official documents of the church, concluding the wedding ceremony.

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