The photographer and single women waiting for the bouquet at the wedding day


The wedding photographers have the habit of dividing the wedding day into parts. Maybe because this helps them to organize their work, on my part I have, in other posts, once in a while written about the ritual moments that make part of the wedding day. We find some actions that are so ceremonial, being the yes with rings the main one, that can divide into chapters for the next steps of the day.

Usually, one of the last chapters of the day is the offer of the bouquet of the bride that will show, without any doubt, the next bride from the single ladies in the wedding. Single lady, that will come the subject of the lens of the wedding photographer, with the bouquet in his hands, because she was the fastest, the higher jumper and with firm hands to catch it will be, for sure, the next bride…one of these days.

Because it is at the end of the party, and the day, with everybody tired because it was a long march, the dance and with the anticipation of going back home, the wedding photographer still has the opportunity, before bed his cameras in their sleeping bag, to photograph the last energetic moment. But as long as the single ladies do not jump, he does not leave.

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