A smiling mother with her baby daughter in her arms, when she plays with a flower, in a composition by the christening photographer in Lisbon.

The photographer and the agreement for the baptism


A smiling mother with her baby daughter in her arms, when she plays with a flower, in a composition by the christening photographer in Lisbon.

  The main wish of a baptism photographer, or wedding, in charge of covering, is to get a full bag of photos that makes him feel that he fulfilled his duty with the client and, at the same time, to have auto satisfaction when he is choosing the photos for the edit. I use to say to my clients in the meeting that when I start to photograph, on the day, if they found me right for their wedding, that very emotional day, it is not for them that I am doing it. If, on the one side, I only worry about them all the time I may let go of the stories that happen with the people around them, that deserve, also, all the attention I can get, because they are a part of the day. On the other side, I can not do my work properly if I am, all the time, thinking about how they would like it done, what were the things more important to them, and multiply that method for all the clients that I ever had and those coming ahead in the front of my cameras, with that joy they have on every single one wedding day. It was as if I really was working connected to her mind inside my own. Strange, wasn’t it?

   So, once proven that the job is mine and my kind of work is want they want for their wedding, I only ask them to trust me and let me work as if I was not there. Like that, all the parts do their job. The baptism, or wedding, the photographer will be photographing and who will be baptized, or married, do all the things for it. With that, I know I will tell the story of the happenings and, at least until today, who takes it will carry the satisfaction of having been well told. I know, from experience, that the expectations will break, from both parts of the process, the naturalness that we want and compromise the result. Imagine the parents of an almost baptized child verifying, all the time the work of the photographer, if he is doing things as they have imagined it. The result, for sure, will be no good.

   So, let each one do his own job and things will happen how they should happen. Who does, photographing, will bring the photos, and the result, certainly, will reward the agreement. In addition to those photos, that tell the story as it happens, we will find those jewels that, like a miner bringing beautiful gems, will make smile with wrinkles in the eyes of all those who find them, who see them, like this one of Leonor and his mother.  Completely with each other, in a world that only they know and feel. Only by respecting that agreement, where everyone does their own thing, it is possible to find these jewels like this one, which was not the only one, I assure it. If you agree with this, I will be in yours. Baptism or wedding.

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