The photographer and the arrangements for a wedding day


There are words that can say many things and, easily, they can jump out of context and, those who hear them, may not have a clue what we are talking about. Arrangements are one of them. But, because this Blog is about the work of a wedding photographer, me, and the things they have, we can reduce the use of that word.

Arrangements, they can be made of flowers, cheese, ties, or, even, people. The bouquet of the bride is an arrangement, the flowers at the altar also and tying a small knot in a line of the bride’s dress, it is, also an arrangement. Hands and fingers in the bustle with the buttons, of the dress, maybe an arrangement too and the group of guests that the wedding photographer is ready to photograph, in the party place, it is, for sure, an arrangement.

We can talk, also, about small arrangements ( sorry but, here, the English language does have the mean of that word in Portuguese, “arranjinhos”,). It was with young couples that join together hiding from the parents, usually with the help of a third person and, some time ahead may need the help of a wedding photographer to offer future to the day that, inevitably, will be left behind, as every day and everything. I can witness, and with proof, that, during that day, I find lots of arrangements that, here and there, I pick up inside my cameras that never are fat enough.

Bouquet of the bride between other flowers.
The dress of the bride hanging on the window, near the shoes.
Hands finishing, in the back, the bride's dressing.
Bride in the mirror being helped to dress the dress.

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