The photographer and the arrival for a baptism.


An event is so much more than joining a group of people about some purpose. It can be the launch of a commercial product, some governmental measure about a public inauguration, or, as far as this photographer is concerned, a baptism where the family member joins together to, symbolically, bring to the catholic community a new member.

But, by the observation I have been done as long as I am in the profession of christening photographer, it is not only the moment of the ritual that gathers all that people. I only need to see, and photograph how it is my duty, the arrival of the guests to the local when the ceremony will take place. The joy of the gathering of those that who, for some time, not been seen, the gestures of affection, the small talk about other subjects but, especially, about that child ready to be baptized and the orderly walk to the baptismal font, when the priest in charge, will give the order. The baptism photographer must translate all these notices into photos.

I must say that I have great satisfaction about being a witness to these behaviors. Knowing that the result of my work will show, many years after, to that baptized child, all those that were with her, surrounding the holy water fountain, and celebrated her around the table meal, with kisses and a lot of laps. I know all about this because, also, I was there and I am sure that, with my work as a baptism wedding photographer,  they will have that satisfaction. Me too, satisfies me, a lot.

Little girl among the guests of the baptism, when waiting for the ceremony, at the church door.
Woman guest smiling to other guests, when they arrive at the church, for the baptism ceremony.
Father and mother of the baby girl to be baptized, with her in the lap, waiting for the ceremony.
Baby girl godmother, with her in the lap, among other guests at the church door, for the ceremony.

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