The photographer and the attention of those who are there, at the wedding


When photographer, during the day of the wedding, I can find some sort of behavior that is common from everybody being part of it. Be it from the hairdresser with the hair of the bride, the father tuning the tie of his son, the mother verifying if everything is all right, the guests in the moment of the yes, those who are there for those who are there and the wedding photographer for all of that.

However, there is a moment, here and there, where I feel that everybody have the eyes, that have the habit to point is own subject, directed to the same thing. There, if the time give me time, I try my best point of view to have the best notion of that attention, with composition that makes photography in a photo. That is the responsibility of the wedding photographer.

Here, the photographer in the wedding, can take advantage as if he is in an orchard full of fruits ready to harvest. With his wide angle lens he will pick up everybody from a chosen point of view so that we feel the everybody attention for the same point of the scene. Others that are not here, or already in other blog posts, where taken with a tele lens with attentive faces, affections in the form of lap, arms hugging and that notion that everybody love so much who is on the film, with the attention of everybody . The only one that never be seated is…you can guess.

Wedding guests, seated on the floor and chairs, viewing a vídeo about the wedding couple.

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