The pocket watch next to the belt and on the fabric of the groom's pants, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

The photographer and the attraction to details in weddings


The pocket watch next to the belt and on the fabric of the groom's pants, in a composition by the wedding photographer.

  Details. It is a common word used by wedding photographers when they talk about their work. Then, when the conversation is about weddings the detail is a very important thing. But, what is the detail? By designation, it could be a part of a bigger thing, the pocket of the coat the groom with a design that calls attention, the watch that will be inside the pocket when it is time, the shape of the cufflinks at the moment when they appear on their windows, which is their home in the cuff of the shirt and make groom, a groom in fact. We, also, can see details in and with flowers, looming in the pocket made for them in the groom’s coat, in the hand of the bride that without them is not a real bride and nor even think in a wedding ceremony without them, painting the chairs that flank the aisle, where the bride and groom present themselves among all those who are there or to perfume the altar or the celebration table to that important yes, for which everything was done and the reason for everything that will come next.

   I do not even talk about the details that the wedding photographer will find in the Quintas, over the tables where the diners will unravel delicacies and conversations between, also them, flowers, and other decorative elements that will rest in the memories of the ones who will tell the bride and the groom how beautiful is your party, what a good taste in the choice of decoration and that, by duty, must be taken as photographs that, when the memory fails, it will be shown with pride look at it, it was like that. That is why my interest in those parts of bigger things that, sometimes, only trained eyes are able to find in the whirlwind of the happenings that, after a moment, become effervescent with so much change as if guests and newlyweds were those flocks of birds that change direction at every moment and offering a great fun to a photographer that loves to challenges picking up those little details from the birds, with very own identity all over that evolution.

   But there, at the wedding, is another type of detail that gives me more joy to catch from the action of the movie without a director. The gestures. They can be everywhere and, in unlikely moments, they can have forms and textures that make it impossible to not attract curious photographic lenses completely surrendered to their duty. They make my eyes constantly move more sagaciously, finding them and gluing them to the viewfinder of my camera, with the right lens, with more intensity to pick up them. Or by the intensity, or by the weirdness or, yet, by the beauty which is the gesture that is more attached to my photographic camera, that still thinks that was the main reason why she was created for. The wedding photographer knows how to use the inclination of his tool and he will not fail to make her happy, every time when it will depend on him pressing that magic button that allows her, euphoric, to keep it as she likes and at the right time. It will be always like this, as long they want me there, at the weddings.

The groom's mother, in a maternal gesture, checks the elements of the suit before they are dressed for the big ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer.
In a delicate gesture, the groom's father holds the coat he is helping to wear, next to his son and reflected in a mirror on the wall, by the wedding photographer.

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