The photographer and the bride’s small arrangements, at the wedding


Probably it is only an opinion of the wedding photographers who have a very limited notion of the wedding to what interests them: photographing. So, there is no doubt that the bride have a completely different importance in the get ready than the groom. Not because the groom does not matter, but because his process is much more simple. He starts and he is ready to go the ceremony place. Which, too, is a great challenge to the wedding photographer.

But, let’s go back to the bride. Her attachment to the details sees mistakes were the wedding photographer checks that everything is fine, even if the time he lives between brides, make up artists, hair dressers and girl friends let him know how to detect this details, that help him to catch more worthy moments for photography. It is truth that my job has gained from this learning and when, in the beginning, I let go away some of them, today, there are not so much photos that have the ability to escape to my lens.

That is true, I must say it, with time I started to better understand  the world of the brides and knowing how to capture those fluttering gestures, that only female hands are able, correcting that detail, which is only good for the story telling that I am in charge to write. Not only I have the amount, that allow me the ideal points of view, I have the opportunity to dress with photography those gestures and arrangements to please curious eyes, afterwards. Fortunately… 

Bride, on the mirror, for last minute arrangements.

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