The bride puts the ring on the groom's finger at the ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Leiria, Portugal.

The photographer and the changes, at a wedding ceremony


The bride puts the ring on the groom's finger at the ceremony, by the wedding photographer in Leiria, Portugal.

When we are in a profession, already with some time behind us, that can help us with the learned but not studied knowledge, which means, that not noted learnings coming with the experience of doing it, with the encounter of unusual situations needed to be solved well and fast or, even, that first and unique time that could let us be blocked…and now? we start to take it for granted, or almost, those things that we think we can anticipate, and, most of the time we get it right.

With a wedding photographer, it is no different.

When, by an automatic assumption, the wedding photographer enters a church and notices that the usual place for the wedding couple, to follow the wedding ceremony, is not there, I can not help but feel a momentary block, with astonishment then…now, they ruined my photos.

How I will make those faces, that I love so much, of my wedding couple, between the candles of the altar, unfocused, in the front and all the guests, beautifully seated, in the background, also inside a fog that my lens so harmoniously knows how to do it.

As I wrote some lines behind, it was only a momentary paralysis because they, the real moments, already started to happen and the wedding photographer can not start with complaints, which he would lose, with who had the idea to change the usual place of the celebrated ones.

So, immediately, he changes strategy, reviews all the elements inside that can help him, recalculates all the angles, and finds new points of view, before the priest begins the so-expected ceremony, he is already working as if nothing different happened.

From then on, it was only harvesting a crop offered by all, inside that church, until the end of the ceremony as if it was small, was not, and fast, was not. But, from the wedding photographer, we already expected that.

Well, there would always be room for another one.

Bride and groom sitting during the wedding ceremony.
Groom attentive to his wedding ceremony with the bride in the background.
Bride listening to the homily with the groom in the foreground, defocused.
The bride and groom attentive to the priest during the homily at the wedding ceremony.
A guest among the others during the church wedding ceremony.
The priest blesses the bride and groom before the wedding rings ceremony.

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