The photographer and the gestures that attract him, at weddings


Some posts ago, I wrote about gestures. Those that, apparently, serve to finish the tie, something that must be fine tuned to the shirt collar or assuring that the coat is perfect on the shoulders. How many times I see someone coming from the deep of the room and, without asking, just do that small hit in the tie that, until that moment, nobody noticed that was needed.

The eye of the wedding photographer, always smart and attentive, immediately orders to his photographic camera to jump to his front and capture that gesture of affection, that need to participate, that he will go fantastic to the ceremony because I, also, did for it. Those happenings do the photos, never the photographer.

Not always the photo belongs to the owner of the gesture, but the gesture itself. Diligent fingers, helping in those fundamental things that make the groom a groom, hands, always great subject to the wedding photographer, knowing, all the time, about that single touch for perfection, because the groom hands shake to much, being impossible to do it themselves. Every time the wedding photographer notice those gestures, here he goes, attracted like a bee with a flower overflowing with pollen. Like that, all the time.

Tattoo in the form of a cross in the back of the groom.
Groom in the mirror trying to place a neck tie.
Hands helping the groom fine tuning the placing of the neck tie.

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