The wedding couple reaction when received the raining rice from the wedding guests, captured by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The photographer and the happiness corridor, at a wedding


The wedding couple reaction when received the raining rice from the wedding guests, captured by the wedding photographer in Portugal.
It is always great fun for the Wedding photographer to register the reactions of the wedding couple with the rain of rice and flowers as wishes for a happy life together.

After sitting there, answering some of the questions of the State representative, and if he, or she, is a person inspired for speech, advice, and good wishes, as the wedding photographer likes and has more time to photograph, followed with that yes with more or less intensity, more or less nervousness or, for some, with more or less humor it starts a desire to celebrate, enjoy and show to everybody that they are exorbitantly happy.

That is why it was invented, I do not know when or by whom, that corridor made with guests that open passage for the wedding couple and bathe them with flowers, rice, and hoorays with wishes of everything good and forever. That is the celebration of the most important part of the day, the ceremony. It was for the ceremony that all the things were done until they were pointed and after it, the moments of joy, party, and being together. Of course, the wedding photographer has so much to do, absorbing all the pieces of happenings around, and transforming them into memory photos.

I must say, also, the end of the passage of this corridor is a great relief for me. That obligation I have not to lose any steps and moments of the wedding ceremonies with, at the same time, having all that source of photographic moments offered for those that surround the wedding couple, forces the wedding photographer to pay attention, and tension that he needs to let go.

That is why, when that corridor falls apart and another stage begins, the wedding photographer does not rest, yet, but he has more freedom to find the photos at the wedding, now, flowing everywhere and needing to be picked up. With the same responsibility.

Almost in the end of the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom still seated at the ceremonial table.
When the ceremony approaches the end, the bride and groom await the indication of the representative of the state, who presided over the ceremony, to start the path among the guests waiting for them to celebrate their new status: married.
The bride and the groom start the path between the guests for a bath with rice and flowers.
At the beginning of the way for the future together, the wedding couple starts the symbolic ritual where the guests celebrate them with the launch of flowers and rice like the tradition says.
The wedding couple at the end of the way between their guests after the flowers and rice.
In the end, the end of the tunnel of affection, in the form of rice, is for the new phase of the wedding Day for the bride and the groom and their guests. The formal moments are over and now it is time to celebrate, as it must. The wedding photographer will continue his work as the chronicler of the day.

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