The photographer and the happy faces, at a wedding


I am sure that some of these photos already belong to another post, here, on the blog. It is not because they lack other photos but when I was choosing a batch of photos for some new posts, I watch them and I could not let them stay. I do not remember what I wrote about before, so I am excused. Because I am not so rational when I choose the photos, I did not care that the wedding photographer already chose them, not for the lack of memory, but just because I liked them…again.

But, what was it that attracted my attention for them, again? Well, when I observe them, I see happiness in the form of photos, or inside them, if you prefer. When the wedding couple starts the first moments of the wedding ceremony, mostly, the expressions that my cameras pick up are from some restraint. I swear, they give me exceptional opportunities to steal them but, when in front of them, and my lenses, I have those smiles that are, for sure, completely full of happiness and expectation, I hear them ordering me to miss nothing because if you can’t do it, better is stop being a wedding photographer.

On other hand, having the two most usual forms of reaction, in the entrance that has a lot of expectation, is the icing on the top of the cake. Having the groom, Pedro, with the happiness jumping on his face and the bride, Filipa, a just hold me or I explode with so much emotion, couldn’t go unnoticed by the wedding photographer or by anyone who passed his eyes through such emotion, as the beginning of the wedding ceremony must be. I may say that it is, only, my impression about it, because those things have a special attraction to me and, my side of wedding photographer, always near them, says I am right. Yes, it was a good reason to choose them, again.

Bride, with her father, walks down the aisle with the groom waiting.
The bride full of happiness, smiling, with her father arriving at the altar of the wedding ceremony.
Groom filled with joy as the bride joins him at the altar for the wedding ceremony.
The bride during the wedding ceremony.
The groom with a big smile of happiness at the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom at the altar of the wedding ceremony in front of the guests.

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