The photographer and the importance of who is important in a wedding


I have for obligation, and for pleasure, inside the wedding ceremonies, steal some time to the lack of time I have and photograph some of the guests and give to my clients, not a survey of them all, but an idea how was the state of mind of the presents.

With that walk between the long seats, I find those characters that call the attention of the wedding photographer, because what they are doing, by the emotion or simply by the faces that, to a compulsive portraitist, have more attraction than an íman to metal.

When a wedding photographer, but in the paper of page designer of the album, I like to put the most important members in the ceremony on a special page designed for that purpose. So, when I thought to have done an irreproachable job waiting only for compliments, I already told, here, that when I am a wedding photographer I am very vain with a big ego… where is my grandmother? Here is her granny but I do not see mine. Hoops…well, maybe I did not photograph her, I did not know who she was…, dammed vanity…but, let’s try to find her. And here she was. It must be. That face, with that proud and beautiful wrinkles offered by her long life, with the gravity appropriate to the place and that serenity that only to a few people is aloud, could only have been the subject of the wedding photographer. And the album was complete.

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