The photographer and the lessons they taught him for weddings


The bride smells a flower with the groom beside her, looking up, in the pre-wedding session.

   Once more, the wedding photographer was finding some photos, for the posts in the blog, and came across those of Bruno and Vanessa. I did not resist picking up some more from those of that afternoon, some years ago, in Chiado, Lisbon. The wedding photographer was searching for his own identity, to know how to best photograph a subject relatively new to him, the wedding and pré wedding, and they do not have the idea how much their challenge was important for the style that, later, after being debugged, it defines me in the eyes of others, especially those who may be interested in my help and assure the best memory they can have for the day they chose, eye to eye, swear yes to each other.

   That is true, the wedding photographer did not though that the challenge was, on the one hand, simpler because you do not need to tell us what to do, we are just walking around and dating and you will take advantage of the best you can do, in the places important to us and we assure to you that they are all very good places to photograph and very friendly of your lens, a thing I already knew because I knew them, the places, like my hands. The old and beautiful Chiado where I was able to move around since my youth and, for other reasons, was a great subject for my lens and photographic cameras that have accompanied me throughout my professional life and beyond. So, I accepted immediately and it was only needed to follow the events like a canoeist who descends an unknown river.

   That is funny that this session was a few days from a wedding that was, also, very important for my learning and show me the way to go and, with joy, gave me good results and lots of satisfied clients over the years that followed. You may ask what I learn, or better, what was so clear to me in that so important session. The ability, quickly, read expressions, to know the best point of view to capture with harmony the state of mind, the postures that give me the know-how and how well to build and integrate all that in the space, so-called composition. I learned that just a simple note is enough to put away the embarrassment in front of a camera, because of the lack of habit, and, especially, I learned that following the event and do not interfere is the best way to do it, photographically. The lesson was the best to follow the flow of the wedding day. Yes, the wedding photographer learned and he is, forever, grateful for the lesson.

The bride and groom, at the dating session in Chiado, sitting on a double bench, laughing.
The couple chatting happily before the wedding, on a bench in a street in Chiado in Lisbon.
The groom with a smile and with the bride in the background, blurred, as they talk.
Bride's face at the pre-wedding session at Chiado in Lisbon.

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