The photographer and the little ones at a wedding


It is impossible for the wedding photographers wandering in that day where they chose to cover this very important moment to everybody, the bride and groom, the families and all the friends present, without stumbling, all the time, his eyes in kids who, in one way or another, are an irresistible attraction to thirsty cameras and too much curious lens.

We found, always, a child discovering the joy of walking with his own feet and does not stop to discover that huge world, just ready to adventures, the biggest ones thinking about how to play and does not stop with the unrest or, sign of the time for parent’s rest, glued to those little screens, better than that glue that hung scientists on the ceiling, like the old ad.

Because of that, the wedding photographer, at the moment to choose the photos, considering those ones to illustrate the story of the wedding day, comes across with those little ones, for great satisfaction of their parents and the couple that asked them to be with, I am sure. To the wedding photographer, it is one more reason to be, all the time, with his eyes very awake and attentive. Mine does not stop a moment.

Baby girl walking the garden of the wedding party.
Little girl with her smartphone that light up her face in the wedding.
Three little girls seated in the wedding party room.
Little girl dressed as a pirate in a wedding party play.
Little boy playing with is smartphone in a wedding and lightning his face.

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