The bride and groom at the first dance of the wedding party looking eye to eye with each other as seen by the wedding photographer.

The photographer and the magic dance steps at a wedding


The bride and groom at the first dance of the wedding party looking eye to eye with each other as seen by the wedding photographer.

There is something magical in those moments.

I am neither fantasizing nor exaggerating a novelistic romanticism, where those things of the looks in the eyes of another are very important and make the world, (what world?), the universe vanishes and them, the eyes, behave like those galaxies, as the scholars say, that twirl around each other and never go away, until they melt together and, by the photos we can see from the telescope that is walking in the space photographing them, they do it with such grace, like the couples at the first dance of their wedding day, at the opening of the dance floor so that, afterward, everyone tries to imitate them, without being able to.

It is exactly because of that, that I try to do everything I can to show it when I am the wedding photographer since the moment arrives that, with more or less skill, that magic always ends up happening all the time.

     What you do not know is that the wedding photographer must, so that magic will be proven for future studies with photographic evidence, synchronize with them and that is not as simple as it may seem. There is a vibration that must be felt, interpreted as if he also needed a partner to follow all the movements, twirling with the rhythm of the music, revolutionizing with the nuances of those two bodies in love, that the melody softens and transports to who knows where.

We only can see if they have the skills to perform it well, which is a thing of no importance at all, and the photographer, slowly but as fast as he can, catches the tone and, like a jazz musician inspired by improvisation in that part of the show, starts to give voice to his cameras, his instrument of the moment, and them, without flows in the beat and tone, are trying to unravel those looks in the eyes, in a language that only the dancers can understand.

      You may not believe it unless you have already, at a wedding, seen a figure with the face covered with a photographic camera and a lens attached, in some sort of an alternative dance that here and there seems offbeat. But, there are moments where the wedding photographer feels so inclusive, even, lulled by the music and the movement of the dancers, he also, feels that the universe is only there and everything is elsewhere.

But, the moment the music is over or because, in the end, the couple decided that dancing is not for them, it happens, and he, the wedding photographer, comes back to the dance room and he starts to be, immediately, being trampled by thirsty guests, also them, to, through the music, leave the universe or, who knows, find their partner galaxy. With no time to land, the photographs do not stop happening and he just changed the universe, now inside a galaxy full of stars that do not stop showing each other, expending energy with the only desire to be happy.

That, I assure you, happens.

The wedding guests in the garden of Quinta dos Alfinetes at night, with the Moorish Castle and Pena Palace on top of the Sintra Mountains.

The bride, during the wedding party at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra, prepares to pass under the arms of two guests making a bow.

The groom and bride dancing under a bow made by the arms of two guests during the wedding party at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra.

The moment when the bride throws the bouquet to the single ladies who are getting ready to catch it at the end of the wedding party.

The groom after removing with his teeth the garter from the bride's leg, who celebrates very satisfied, seen by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

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