The bride at home, having her hair done, composed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The photographer and the moods of light, even at weddings


The bride at home, having her hair done, composed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

How much did she call me? That is true that light is the main component of the work of any photographer. Without her, simply, there is no photography. But it is not her absence or presence that matters here. In other words, it is not the quantity of light that is important to have the conditions for a good photo, whatever the theme chosen by the photographer. With the quality and the advance in photographic gear, the intensity of the light is not a problem for some time.

I am talking about quality. The tone, the hardness or the softness with which it touches my photographic objects in that particular moment, the coldness or the warmness with which accentuates the color or the smoothness with which modulates a face, willing to fly in the shape of light up to the sensor of the camera. The light can transform a perfect composition into a banal photo or, on the contrary, make a banal composition a delight for the eyes. The mixture of the two is what the photographer, also the wedding ones, eagerly seeks.

Unfortunately, she, the light, does not always treat well the wedding photographer. Lucky are those who, in a studio, do it their way and the way they need her. But those who are subject to their whims, being unable to choose the place and the time, have to learn how they use it and will get the best of it. But, there are places where I photograph, where she decides to be nice and reveal that, in some way, she likes me. There, after an inner thank you that I hope she understands, I take advantage of his character, a bit unstable will bring other humor that does not serve me so well. But, even so, I never can resist when she calls me, when I photograph, even if not at a wedding.

Bride, in her wedding preparation, with curlers in her hair.
Little dog lying on the sofa at the bride's house.
The bride's bouquet on a red background
The bride laugh with the grandparents, blurred in the background.
Bride with whom she puts on makeup, in the process of preparing for the wedding.

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