The photographer and the other photos, at the wedding


When I arrive at where the party will take place, there are photos waiting for me that I never lose. After the races, real ones, until the groom, to the bride followed by a race car, needing some ability to flow between the traffic until where is the ceremony, the running until the Quinta, where the party will happen, not forgetting all the photos needed to be done in all those places, the wedding photographer needs some moment of zen to relief the stress and, unhurried, have fun among the objects that will lead to photos.

So, after leaving everyone in the cocktail to calm their stomachs, already asking for warmth, I go verify the space where the meal will happen, and much of the party, and with my cameras in the hand, with the lenses able to see big rooms, tables, decoration and small details that are good to lower the level of excitation of the wedding photographer and, also, they will give to the wedding couple the remember, some time ahead, how lovely the place of the party was.

Also, when photographing those details, I remember the days of my professional life when the objects were the main reason for my income. How I remember losing hours preparing a scenery, the light, and the object to photograph too, at the speed of a photon, all that work was saved in the form of a slide, or diapositive, that would be part of an advertising page in a magazine or in a street sign to be seen by everybody who passed by. It is true that, as a wedding photographer, I can not change the reality that happens, but the choice of a better point of view, finding the best detail, or noticing from where comes the best light is enough, for me, to become lighter and ready to face all the needed work, until the end of the wedding day.

View of the wedding party room from the back.
Paper bookmarks with the names of the guests for the wedding meal tables.
Table set and ready to receive the wedding guests for the meal.
Wedding dining room with tables set.
Plate, cutlery, napkin and bowl of soup on wedding table for meal.
Two decorative hearts behind the groom's chair for the wedding ceremony.
Wedding ceremony chairs and table.
Decorative paper wheel over the place of the wedding ceremony.
Wedding party venue.

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