The photographer and the patience of waiting in the wedding get ready


When I feel that I have some time to give myself and the luxury of slowly watching my subject, observing without the need to hurry, I like to put myself in the point of view, that I feel is the best and wait. Wait until that face moves to the right angle which makes me feel that is there and, because the wedding photographer does not satisfy himself with little things, with that mood for the moment in question.

Usually, that time spent patiently is a gain that wedding photographers, without words and directing gestures but present in their head, ask just a little bit to the right, look in front, drop the head a bit back, and…and…almost…almost…done, thank you. I may say the calm is only apparent because I do not stop, thinking, telling them what I need to do. It seems that they hear me and offer me those photos that I desired so much.

It does not seem but is true. Being a wedding photographer, that finds the photos in the move of the events without my intervention, there are some moments where I would like to be a telepath to correct the almost gesture that moves away from perfection. I know, it is too much imagination. But this kind of delirium guides me to pick up the best as I can since I am there. I think, really, that this must be the duty of every wedding photographer, each one, with his own tricks.

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