The photographer and the photos that will meet him, at the wedding


Are the wedding photographers those that make the photos? Well, I never get tired saying that I am not the one that take the photographs. They are, graciously, offered to me. Countless the times when, to the wedding photographer, they does not stop to fall in his eyes and he just have, with the help of his beloved photographic cameras, take them to deliver, after, to the legit owners.

It is true. Someone need to know how to catch them. Because of that I remember, when I was a boy, to go to France and catch fruit in orchards on the Alpes. There was a man with us that was able to full his boxes with a speed that left the rest of us, miles behind. As much I tried to reach him, it simple was impossible to do it. He was the guy. Simply he just knew how. The same way, the wedding photographer must learn how to catch, this different kind of picking. I like this word because I can not find another one more truthful with what really happens.

It is, also, true that I depend of my beloved lens to give me the result I need.They are, also, knowledgeable about the profession and I can trust them to unfocus there and give me the finest detail, here. Only with my eyes, I do not do photos. They, also, are important to detect, to frame, compose and give the sign for the right moment to pick them up. And it is so, so much. But, again, it is not the wedding photographer that made the photos, it is not…he just pick them up.

Bride seated and reflected in a mirror, being put on shoes by a friend.

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