The Basilica of Mafra inside with a wedding, in a view of the wedding photographer in Portugal.

The photographer and the place, at each wedding


The Basilica of Mafra inside with a wedding, in a view of the wedding photographer in Portugal.

I have already, photographed weddings inside the bigger and more wonderful Basilicas of Portugal and in the small tiny Chapels that we can imagine. In some, we feel overwhelmingly involved by the dimension of the space, making us so small that it seems we get lost inside. In the others, we feel humble, involved exactly with the same importance of the local as if the space, the architecture, only had a formal value. Only what is done there is important. In either extreme, the wedding photographer is completely focused to find all the photos offered differently, but equally, by each of the spaces.

Any of them has its own beauty for, in a way, involves the marrying couple and gives them the blessing, that will endure in their memories, always reinforced with the photos that the wedding photographer will leave them. It is true that I, always, let me wonder about the size of the basilica or, even, a cathedral and connect to my camera a lens that will take it all with me as a unique photo and, with another lens, all the nuances of tone and texture that will involve my wedding couple, and after transforming them in paper pages of the book that, meantime, I will deliver them, for my joy and their satisfaction.

But the four white walls of the tiny chapel, by his simplicity, can give me a light, although I need to melt myself with the walls and tight corners and, once achieved the right point of view, always dazzling me with that offer, as if their pride for their own simplicity does not let them fall behind the grandiosity of her bigger sisters. Being a wedding photographer I allow myself that. Knowing that both, in the end, are so benevolent to me offering me the best I can find in each of them. I am sure of that, every time I come back to each one.

O pai encaminha a filha que vai casar, pela ala da Igreja na direcção do altar.
Bride and groom sitting by the altar of the Basilica of Mafra with all the guests seated behind them.
Wedding couple at the altar with all the guests in the background.

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