The photographer and the pleasure of others in the wedding day


I can not, nor should I, to speak for other wedding photographers but, I, sometimes, suffer from a defect that I shouldn’t have but that gives me a lot of help. Envy is not a nice thing. Without any question, but I can not let me feel some of it when, in a room where the people amuse themselves, I see everybody, with more or less talent, with feet around without caring if they are good or not with the dancing steps. That is because I am not good in the land of the dance and if I need to show it, it is a shame. So, yes, I am a jealous guy. Just a bit.

But when I am a real jealous is when I see, better I ear, someone with a musical instrument, be a guitar or a piano, a drum or saxofone and so on, being happy, how only musicians can be, dropping musical notes in the air and making those, that can not do it, dancing and thinking they are the best in the amusement business. Why them and not me? I can not blow a single note. If I sing they tell me to shut up, if try to play an instrument they laugh at me. A sadness.

But my jealousy is good. Because I am very happy listening and seeing others being happy, dancing with those playing to them. Because, most of the time this happen in weddings, I can assure you that nobody have more fun than I, doing what they do. I can ear music and love it. But if I do that and, at the same time, I am the wedding photographer, you can not find nobody in that room more happy than I. Not even the wedding couple…just married.

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Photos from dancing moments in a wedding in Vila Galé Hotels in Paço de Arcos, Lisbon

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